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Our Design Process

Our 5-Step process makes it easy. This part of the process is mainly for single rooms, entire homes, Airbnb setup and events.

1. Design Kick-off

After your consultation, we will create an estimate for you based on what was discussed. It will outline a breakdown of the estimated cost of goods, as well as the design time that will be needed to bring your vision to life.  You’ll gain access to our online design portal and we will schedule a video call to review your estimate.

3. Purchasing & Project Management

This is followed by you, giving your approval, and we move to purchasing. Ordering, shipping, receiving…and inspecting. We will purchase and manage all the details that go into acquiring the approved items for your project. Once we have ETA’s, we will reach out to schedule an installation date. We will then shop in-store for the perfect finishing touches (accessories).

5. Reveal/Follow-Up

We’ve met your every need so that you can simply walk in and your eyes light up...“It’s exactly me. It’s just what I wanted. It's better than I would have ever imagined?”

There may be a few loose ends – returns, a couple more purchases, etc. We always do our best to expedite these last few items and get your project all wrapped up!

2. Design Development

Once the estimate and contract have been signed and we receive the deposit, we begin our design process.  When your designs are ready to review, you’ll be able to approve or flag items for revision trough our design portal. When the revisions are complete and all of the design has been approved, we will begin the purchasing process.

4. Installation

Yay! This is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  Our team arrives & gets busy bringing your space to life. We take care of all the big heavy lifting. If we are working with an empty space, you can also opt for the option to install pieces as they arrive directly to the location.

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