Hourly Design Help

Purchase blocks of time and call on me for the design help you need, when you need it!


You might need
Hourly Design Help if...

  • You need another opinion about how to refresh, update, warm-up or personalize a room. 

  • You want to go shopping with a designer bestie, and get hands on design advice as you select artwork, furniture, and other final styling pieces for your home.

  • You need guidance on a buying decision that overwhelms you — such as choosing kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, or tile.

  • You want to furnish and decorate your space quickly!

  • You just moved and want to know how to make the most of your existing pieces, or want ideas on what new pieces to buy/have built. 

Basically, this is an hourly design service package for projects that do NOT require full-service interior design. ​


Does this sound like you?