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I've Never Spent this Much Time at Home...and I Hate it Here

There’s a virus out there that’s forcing everyone to spend more time at home. By now, you're probably starting to notice things that you never paid much mind to before. Ugly dining room light fixture? Wall color that came with the house that you’re fed-up with but don’t have any other colors in mind? That awkward corner that you don’t know what to do with it? The list goes on. You’ve identified your problem areas but what can you do about your home, from home while home?

I Bring You E-Design!

E-Design is the interior design of a space done entirely online. It’s a way for you to work with me even if you live in another state or if you live locally...and want to work from home.

It’s an affordable way to work with an interior designer and get a great design for your space that you can DIY.

Ok, but how does E-Design work?

It’s an affordable alternative to hiring a designer for full range of services. Everything is delivered directly to you via email. You provide us with your photos/videos, room dimensions, budget and we will custom design your space(s) and provide you with a Digital Design Plan.

Your Digital Room Design Plan will include:

•MOOD BOARD(S)- a visual collection of all furniture, lighting and décor selected for the space •MATERIAL BOARD(S)- if required, a visual collection of all paints, fabrics, wallpaper, window treatments, flooring •PRODUCT PURCHASE LIST- List with online links to purchase all needed materials •FLOOR PLAN (Optional)- includes all furniture and lighting placements •ROOM GUIDE- detailed guidelines on implementing your new design

The process is easy, so let’s begin the design journey!

Step 1: Complete the Design Questionnaire

Step 2: Select the Design package or service that best fits you

Step 3: Add your package or service to the shopping cart

Step 4: Relax and leave the designing to us!

Click Here to Transform Your Space NOW!

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