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My Top 5 Small-Space Desk Styles

As a designer I usually don't spend that much time at my desk, but with the current lockdown situation, most of my work is now virtual and done on the computer. Which made it kind of necessary to get a workspace and step-away from using the kitchen counter which was slowly becoming a whirlwind of papers. Problem is, I live in a 1-bedroom apartment so of course space is limited. I did some research on small space desk options and for the space I had available, a Ladder Shelf Desk worked best for me. Howeverrr, that may not be the case for you so I'm sharing my list of my Top 5 Desks for Small Spaces.

1. Ladder Shelf Desk

This is definitely my top choice because storage, duh! The added shelves give you room to organize your space vertically. If you have a lot of books, supplies and knick-knacks, this is a good option for you.

2. Tiered Desk

Tiered desks give you a little extra room than the desk space itself. You could probably store a few pens and books on the extra layer using a desk organizer. There are some tiered desks that have table-top drawer storage as well. This style desk will work best for someone that uses dual-monitors.

3. Floating/Wall-Mounted Desk

Floating desks or wall-mounted desks are best for temporary use. They're a good option when you have super limited space. All you need is wall space. These temporary desks fold right up and out of the way once you're done.

4. Acrylic/Glass Desk

Glass desks not only give off that LUXE feel, but they also work for spaces with a lot going on, spatially and design wise. The transparency of this style desk matches the design of any room and gives the illusion of taking little to no space. But because it is see-through, everything is seen more clearer so you have to keep things nice and neat ALL the time. Perfect for all my neat-freaks!

5. Corner Desk

The corner desk is exactly that. A desk that fits in a corner. This angled desk will fit in the corner of any room, saving you prime real estate for something else.

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