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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Birthdays and Special Occasions While at Home

We're living in a new age. Special occasions were filled with treats, gifts, and loved ones. Right now, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, retirement parties and all kinds of celebrations are not getting their customary attention. The coronavirus is a party pooper...literally, but just because we’re stuck in the house that doesn’t mean the occasion can’t be special. It just won’t be typical. You can still celebrate from the comfort of your home!

While these types of celebrations aren't what most of us are used to, there are plenty of ideas out there to enjoy life’s milestones. To make it easy for you, I’ve put together a list of quick and easy ways to celebrate from home while adhering to current social restrictions.

1. Virtual Parties

The most popular way to celebrate right now virtually! Having everyone gathered around in pixelated versions of themselves, shows the honoree just how much they mean to everyone. It’s easier than actually hosting a group at your home, and less messy. There are plenty of video conference apps such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and House Party that allow you to invite friends and meet up with everyone at the same time in a virtual chat room. So simply pick an app and celebrate with your friends. You can talk, blow candles, play games, make toasts and even dance! All from the safety of your own home.

Try sending out real invitations, and themed party boxes/favors beforehand to get everyone involved. I've put together an ultimate Virtual Party Checklist to creating a memorable event!

2. Yard Signs

Yard signs are easy to setup and require little to no involvement. A quick google search for "Yard Signs" will find a company that does them in your area. Place your order, schedule a time and they will deliver, setup the signs. You can surprise the honoree by having it done overnight so they can wake up to love on the lawn the next morning! Best part is there is no clean-up required. The company will also pick-up the signs when you're done! So make your greeting as fun as possible.

Yard Sign by Twinkle Greetings (My recommended Yard Sign company in Houston and surrounding areas)

3. Balloon Deliveries

There are companies that deliver custom balloon arrangements. These make for great contactless-delivery celebration options. You can throw in the delivery of a cake along with some flowers, and it's a party! Well, not really but definitely a nice gift that will last a couple of days and serve as nice reminder for a special milestone.

Balloons by Big Ass Balloons (My recommended Balloon delivery company in Houston and surrounding areas)

4. Event Kits

You can opt to stay home and celebrate with the people in your home or a small group of loved ones. Right now, most states are permitting gatherings of 10 people or less. Our Event Kits have everything you need to style and dress up your home for a special in-home celebration! Choose from a variety of themed Event Kits

5. Drive-By Parades

These are so fun! Especially when they're a surprise. Gather friends and family (keeping a safe distance of course) and plan your next car parade.

  1. Invite friends/family

  2. Choose a date, time and location

  3. Decorate your cars with signs, streamers and balloons...you can even decorate the people in your cars and play music from inside

  4. Parade down the street, honking, singing and celebrating from afar!

  5. Curbside gift drop-off? Why not!

Get as creative as you like. It's not often people get thrown "parades" but during a pandemic, I think it's well deserved.

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