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seamless client experience is your escape hatch from design limbo.

Choose your adventure:


Kick back and relax while I handle everything, from mood boards to furniture sourcing. You'll simply say "wow" when you walk into your transformed home.





Want to be hands-on? No problem! I'll craft a personalized roadmap, complete with shopping lists and insider tips. You get the design magic, with the DIY satisfaction.

Don't let the unfinished project shame hold you back. Embrace it as a badge of honor.


Don't let the unfinished project shame hold you back. Embrace it as a badge of honor. It's a sign you're busy achieving amazing things, and now, you're ready to create a home that reflects that success.

Here's the truth:

  • You don't have to be a design guru to have a home you love. You just need someone who understands your busy life and can translate your dreams into reality.

  • Investing in your space is an investment in yourself. A well-designed home is a sanctuary, a recharge station, a reflection of your vibrant spirit.

  • Getting there doesn't have to be a nightmare. You deserve a seamless experience, a design journey that fits your schedule and unlocks your interior design dreams.

I'm here to bridge the gap.


I'm not just an interior designer; I'm your design partner, your cheerleader, your stress-buster.

TP-010 (1).jpg

"After a brief conversation with Erica, she created a theme and design for my bedroom that was literally beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I was nervous but on several occasions she exuded patience and understanding with my questions and concerns. Her team took care of everything while I was at work. Now my  room has become my literal sanctuary that I can't wait to relax in after work. Thank you so much Erica for you help. You have a gift!!! Can't wait until you do my living room."

- Dr. Tochi A.

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